Friday, April 11, 2008

Perhaps its because I had leftover birthday cake last night while loafing and playing video games...

But I'm feeling a little bit "ugh" this morning.... So when I saw a reference to celebrity trainer David Kirsch's thermo bubbles

it sounded intriguing. Here is what the product description reads:

"Delicious berry flavored beverage melts away the fat naturally!
With two proprietary blends of vitamins, herbs and minerals - a Weight Management Blend and a Thermogenic Blend - reduce the weight and burn the fat while maintaining your mental focus and physical energy."

Hmmm.... It's $40 for 10 servings, which is a bit pricey for this girl, but really that's only $4 a drink, which rivals any fancy drink at _____ (fill-in-the-blank coffee franchise of your choice). I looked on his site but I couldn't find info as to if his products were cruelty free, but since I know he is involved with animal rights issues and has been for some time, it would lead me to think (or hope so). Does anyone know? Has anyone tried this product? I might have to further investigate. Or maybe I'll just get out the ol' tae bo dvds this weekend. It's really a toss up at this point.

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