Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am so excited. Two cruelty free products I have been searching for for what seems like ages are teeth whitening strips and a resonably priced self tanner. Well, I have FINALLY found the latter! YAY! The only cruelty free self tanners I was aware of previously were rather expensive department store/top of the line brands, and if I am actively using a self tanner I go through it so quickly I couldn't hang with that. So, right now, I am pasty. BUT this morning during a quick CVS run I saw THIS

I was ridiculously excited. Seriously. Of course, since it is Nivea, it was extremely reasonably priced, and a BONUS was that they were including a cute blue and yellow tote bag for summer with each bottle purchased. So I bought 2. Yesssssss....... I can't wait to feel like a bronzed goddess (while carrying my cute tote to the beach or some such. It really is a cute tote!) And, because Nivea is infinitely awesome, this moisturizer not only tans, but FIRMS TOO! Excellent.

Now I just need to find cruelty free teeth strips and I will be a happy camper!!!! Anyone know of any non-testing company that makes strips?

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