Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I want to feel Wicked Lovely

So, those of you who have read previous blogs know that although I am a CHEAPSKATE with a capital C, I have a soft spot in my cheapskate soul for all things Smashbox. Yes, they are a bit pricier than the products I normally indulge in, but they are consistently SO worth it. And their latest collection, entitled "Wicked Lovely", looks fantastic!

What first caught my eye was the lip gloss ($18)
which comes in three excellent shades: coy (sheer nude), sweet (sheer apricot) and sultry (black cherry). These look SO SEXY! And really, isn't that exactly how you want lip gloss to make you feel?

There is also the Cream Liner and Liquid Shimmer combo ($32)
This little wonder contains 3 liners and 1 loose shimmer in a single pot, great for on the go (or just those of us with shelves already brimming with products) The liner colors include metallics in taupe, bronze and charcoal, and the shimmer is what looks like a great semi-neutral called Sparking Pewter.

The blush, called Charm, looks like the PERFECT shade of sweet/sinful pink ($24)

More nude lip fun with the Double Take Lip Color ($22)
This double ended lip pencil and creamy lip color comes in Gossemer, with a peachy pink pencil and a soft pink color and contains caffeine and wheat glycerides to moisturize and protect your pout.

Lastly, the Wicked Lovely take on their classic eye shadow duo comes in two color combos ($24)
One is a shimmery peach paired with a shimmery deep brown, and the other pairs shimmery ivory with shimmery inky charcoal.

I love the packaging/artwork associated with this line too, it totally captures that mix of sweet and seductive that a good nude/pink can accomplish like no other. And the nudes and pinks in this line look like they will do just that. Luxurious without screaming "Look! Color!". Vintage beyond just red. Yes please.

Also, on a related note, I recently was able to get my hands on some of the other Smashbox goodies I had been coveting in a previous blog. I have already tried the Photo Finish Primer with Dermaxyl (I never though they could improve on the original Photo Finish but they have, it made my skin feel and look amazing) and the O-glow cheek color, which is my new favorite blush ever for a natural looking, "I just hiked through the mountains and I feel fabulous" sort of flush. I will report on the rest of the test drives soon :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008


Happy (almost) weekend. :-) This week chugged along like a drunk snail. But now, as it comes to a close, I have finally had a moment to check out what new items are luring me in with their siren song on Forever21.com. And I will tell you there are quite a few today.

how AWESOME is this jacket?? So sassy. I love love love it. With a pencil skirt, jeans, whatever.

I'm so hot and cold with animal prints depending on the time of day, I swear... but today I'm liking this.

So bright! So crisp! With a simple bottom and bright red lips....

This dress is SO LOVELY!!! For all of those summer garden parties left on your to attend list.... or just for running errands. Why not, I ask? Ok, maybe FANCY errands. Hey, there could be fancy errands!

LOVELY! A good transitional/all season piece, I think.

And the sale page had these 2 pairs of AWESOME shoes for next to nothing ($8.99 to be exact)



Both pairs for under $20!!! YIPEEEE!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I have fond childhood sensory memories of Freeman products. I can still recall the scent of their "Sea Mist" haircare line. I LOVED that line, and was oh so sad when they discontinued it. Now, let's call a spade a spade. Freeman has never been a top of the line choice. They have, however, stood consistently over the years for naturally based, cruelty-free, CHEAP, yummy smelling and fun products. I love Freeman.

So, because I am especially money-crunched at the present moment, I happened on to Freeman's website to check out what they are offering today. These are some promising finds:


I love anything with stuff from the ocean in it. I admit it. I'm a sucker. But sea kelp is supposedly so great and healing for your hair, YOU should love it too!



2 classic facial mask ingredients rolled into one blissful sounding application. Yes, please.

So, if you are short on pennies but want to pamper yourself, check out Freeman's stuff. They make me feel pampered and bring back 'tween primping memories (pre-dance masks, weekend deep conditioners, carefree times all).

Monday, July 14, 2008


(I have chosen to artistically interpret the present struggle through the age old tale of "Alien vs Cliched Moustache Villian")

This post is for all of you, but especially for reader Cindy who was very curious as to the results of my AcneFree experiment. WELL..... drumroll please.....

I HAVE CANCELLED MY PROACTIV MEMBERSHIP. If actions speak louder than words, this is the most I can scream "YES!!!! FINALLY! A DRUGSTORE ALTERNATIVE TO PROACTIV THAT WORKS!!!" :-) :-) :-) I'm a happy happy girl.

So far I have tried the regular cleanser (the scrubby kind, it feels a bit less scrubby than Proactiv so you might want to use an occassional scrub or a washcloth if you are like me and scrub addicted) which works GREAT. This is the bottom line for me, even if I only use one of these cleansers (from Proactiv or AcneFree) and don't always follow up with the other products, I will NOT break out. YES! SWEET!

I have actually NOT purchased the toner or "repairing lotion" (I don't know what AcneFree calls them but that is what Proactiv called them - basically they are steps 2 and 3 of the system) because I am still working my way through extra proactiv I didn't use up yet, but I am SO SURE it will work after having tried the cleanser for some time that I really did cancel my Proactiv membership. Oh, and I also tried the 24 hour severe acne wash (a foam wash) because I was staying out of town and ran out of the cleanser and it was all I could find at the drug store, and it is a SERIOUS wash. Works well, really gets rid of any oil, I'm thinking I might use this as my emergency "there is an oil spill and its on my face oh why did I have to eat all those Doritos" face wash, as it is almost too strong for use 2 times a day for me.

Anyway, there is still further investigation to be done, but so far, ACNEFREE, I HEART you, I HEART you very much.

I have NOT been kidnapped by goblins or gotten lost in a labrynth

I've just been STUPID busy with work lately. GUH. But I promise my renewed efforts to post frequently will not wain. I haven't stopped THINKING about all things beauty and such, just been a bit of a lazy girl when it comes to postings. Anyway, full steam ahead!

One company that I recently came across that I know nothing about but looks fantastic is APIVITA, a Greek skincare company. Does it make it seem a bit more exotic and enticing that it is from Greece? Yes. Am I a complete tool for thinking so? Say what you will, but I bet deep down the following products sound sooooooooooooo good to you too:

First, a multitude of face masks to choose from, each box containing 6 mask applications for roughly $6 American I believe, THAT I can do. The ones that popped out at me most were the Calming mask with Dittany of Crete, the Deep Cleansing mask with Argile (green clay), Revitilizing mask with Orange, and the Skin Food mask with Honey. I also found the Deep Face scrub with Olive captured my fancy a bit.

APIVITA's website is actually www.greekskincare.com , and on it you can find any type of skin product your heart desires, some pricier than others, but all intriguing. And I'm DEFINITELY going to have to try one of those masks....