Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Alright, maybe not quite an alternative, but a consideration for those days when you want the look of skinny jeans without having to deal with skinny jeans. Voila! Enter the jean legging. Perhaps these have been around for ages and I am just a slow bandwagon jumper, but I just discovered them a few months ago and ordered 2 pairs from Japan off of Ebay. This was one of those purchases that sounded great in my mind, but I wasn't actually sure how much I was going to wear them, being about a size 8 leggings are a specific ensemble choice for me. But, I can honestly say that I WEAR THEM ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME! They are so handy on the weekend or during a lazy morning to throw on with a billowy blouse or pullover sweater, and they look much cooler than any other easy "stretchpant" alternative I can think of. They really do look kinda like skinny jeans!

And now I'm happy to say that if you don't want to have to go through Ebay to find them, I did happen upon these
on for only $13.99! YAY! How cute would they be with this Ruffled Chiffon Blouse from ($19.80)
and these Rafia Chunky Heels from GoJane ($19.99)
or with this Ruffle Tie Behind Tank from GoJane ($23.99)

paired with these Metallic T-Strap Sandals from GoJane ($9.99)

I will tell you how cute these outfits would be. VERY cute. Ponder, and then go buy some denim leggings, then feel free to send me some GoJane shoes in appreciation. Or not. Ok, a girl can try, right?


necromancer8D said...

Hi (: I really liked those outfits you picked out. I was wondering how you found those gojane t-strap sandals. I've been looking on the site, and I can't seem to find the anywhere. If you remember where you find them, do tell please.

Thank you!


Eric said...

Those leggings are cute, and for the summer they will be a nice alternative for jeans.

Fzillion Manager said...
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Fzillion Manager said...

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