Monday, April 7, 2008

Dreaming of swaying palms on a Monday morning

Perhaps it is the fact that I am sitting in my office on a beautiful Monday morning, but all things coconut or otherwise tropical sound especially appealing to me today. I must say that I have been very impressed with everything I have bought from Alba ( so far, including my weeklong night cream experiment, so while perusing their website this morning, this product sounded divine ($11.95 for 20 oz)

Their Coconut Milk Cream Body Wash, from their Hawaiian Spa line, sounds soooo relaxing and good for my skin, with cocoa butter, shea butter and flax, safflower and borage oils, as well as coconut and aloe, all packed in to 7 fl oz of tropical goodness for only $8.95! WOO HOO!

This sounds de-lish as well - their Passion Fruit Bath Salt (also from their Hawaiian Spa line) is a blend of epsom salt and sea salts combined with passion fruit, pinapple, mango, vanilla and papaya extracts (and some hibiscus too!) for what sounds like a really really nice bath experience.

I am also currently completely addicted to Alba's Terragloss in Bloom (42 oz for $5.95)
This substantial but subtle gloss is once again a perfect shade of JUST SLIGHTLY blushed pink, totally natural looking and soothing to wear with lots of shea butter and vitamin E in it. Plus it smells like vanilla (good vanilla, not bad vanilla). Yesssssss......

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