Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gray is the new...

IT color?? Black?? Neutral? I don't know, but I DO know that alot of fashionistas have been sporting it lately.

I love gray. It happens to be a flattering color on me, but I tend to think that within the whole gray spectrum is a flattering color on almost everyone. Plus it is chic and timeless. Here are some gray pieces that I found enticing...

1. Gathered Jersey Dress ($19.80) Forever21

2. Pleated V Neck Dress ($22.80) Forever21 3. Grey Buttondown Sweater Jacket ($17.95) from Heavenly Couture (

4. Long Fuzzy Sweater Cardigan ($17.95) Heavenly Couture

5. Merona Satchel ($22.99) from Target

See? Gray can be chic and fun, not dowdy or dull. I'm tellin' ya.

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