Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another fashion find

During my online budget fashion hunt, I also came across the website http://www.chicstar.com/ , which, alongside some "clubby" outfits delivers an interesting mix of slightly goth, slightly rockabilly inspired threads at a fraction of the price of such retailers as Stop Staring, who can't be beat for cute stuff if you are in the mood to splurge. If the purse strings are pulled in a bit too tight for that, however, this site might just fit the bill. Check out these cute pieces:

1. High Waiste Lace-Up Corset Pencil Skirt

This skirt, which is 100% polyesther and machine washable, comes in black and red and lists at $29.95. I would totally sport this with a simple black top and some killer heels.

2. Sexy Plunging Polka Dot Dress

This dress comes in black/white and red/white, and the white piping, boat collar, and buttons in the back are excellent. Once again it's polyesther, machine washable, and lists at $39.95.

3. High Waist Suspenders Pencil Skirt
I have this skirt! I didn't get it here, but it is exactly the same skirt and every time I wear it out I get compliments. This also comes in black and red (are we sensing a trend here??), cotton/spandex, machine wash, $29.95

4. Ruffle Neckline Wrap Dress
Ok, at $44.95 this dress is a little more of a splurge, but how cute is it? And still a fraction of the cost of most other retro/rockabilly retailers. It comes in... guess... red or black, cotton/spandex, machine washable. SO CUTE!

5. Belted Piping Wool Dress

For an awesome wool dress, I would do most anything. This is listed at $59.95, but is SO FRIGGIN CUTE! Check out the great cut, piping, and ruffle at the back of the skirt. This one is wool/polyesther, dry clean, but I think its worth it. Drool....

6. Crochet Lace Bell Sleeves Boho Mini Dress

This dress comes in black or navy, is only $29.95, and is cotton/machine wash. This. Is. So. Cute.

7. Oversize Buttons Dolly Swing Wool Jacket Coat

Ok, this coat is $79.95, but that's not bad for a full swing coat, right? It is wool/polyester, comes in black and grey. They have TONS of cute vintage looking trench and other style coats on this site.

Bottom line: I started making a list of stuff I thought was cute enough from Chicstar to post in this entry and I had to cut it because it got too long!!! But they have too much cute stuff, check it out for yourself. I still haven't found anything over $100 on their site, and tons under $30. Sweet.

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