Thursday, April 24, 2008


This time from Heavenly Couture ( I found these yesterday and I love them!!! And the best part? Everything at Heavenly Couture is $17.95 or less, so each of these sweet styles is just $17.95 :-)

1. Cotton Camisole Top Ruffled Dress

This is a really simple, boho-ish style that will look good for a while I think. Everyone pulls this cut of dress out for summer. Super simple, very stylish.

2. Snow White Jumper Dress

I LOVE this kind of material, I don't know what it is called though. It looks like it is ruched all the way through. This dress is very unique looking, but totally "now", and of course I am excited about the pockets.

3. White Summer Dress With Floral Detailing

Doesn't this dress look like it would be so fun to wear and swish around in? I love the gather at the waist, so flattering and lovely.

Now, I know you are asking, but Amanda, what would you wear WITH said little white dresses? I have thought about that too. The answer is..... ALMOST ANYTHING! One of the best things about the little white dress is you can go with any color scheme, and most styles. Go brown, go gold, go red, go blue, whatever you like. NICE....

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