Thursday, April 17, 2008


You saw it in spades last summer, on folks around town, on celebs, in magazines (see the HOT red carpet version of the LWD on Minka Kelly below, WITH POCKETS! Luv pocket dresses)
Well, it seems to be back, and for good reason. A simple, playful little white summer frock is appropriate in a range of situations, and white looks especially good against the (real or fake, preferably fake) tan skin of summer. I don't have one right now, but after checking out these couple I am feeling the need to remedy this. Take a look at these:

Triple Eyelet dress $26.50 from Wet Seal (
This Pleated Trim Dress is on sale for only $15 from $24.50 from Wet Seal! It's like it's beckoning me with it's lost cost cuteness.... (buy me, buy me)
I THINK that this Crochet Trim Sash Dress, which is also on sale from Wet Seal for $15 from $24.50, would be really cute with some flat sandals in person. But I would have to see how it looked in person. I slightly fear crochet, but sometimes it works great. This Nana Embroidered Dress for $29.80 from Forever 21 ( adds a touch of color to the concept of the little white dress, and I LOOOOVE the cut of this one.

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