Friday, April 4, 2008


Time for more stuff from Heavenly Couture ( and a continuation on my blog from yesterday!

1. Good for this transition weather from winter to spring, this Brown and Blue Military Influenced Dress ($17.95) is really cute and low key, with a solid brown body and dark blue piping by the shoulders

I actually think this dress would look sweet with the shot of color that these pink Mary Jane Heels from GoJane ($19.99) provide. Yeah. I love these shoes, and if you aren't digging the bold pink, they also come in brown and black.

2. For a super casual but feminine look, I dig this Peppermint Top ($17.95). I have to admit, a friend of mine actually has this top, and EVERY time she wears it I think to myself how totally cute and flattering it is. It really drapes well (although my friend would look great in a burlap sack, I think it would drape well on most frames). So when I saw it here, I had to take note
And although I have a sincere love of dark denim and always will, everyone is talking about how lighter jeans are coming back in again. So what if you wore this with these Boot cut Faded Grey Jeans ($17.95)
and some sweet white Leatherette Round Toe Buckle Heels from GoJane (only $15.99). Mary Janes are BACK people!

3. All 3 of these dresses are super breezy and transitional. First the Sailor Sleeveless Top ($17.95) is so cute with its little blue buttons, polka dot neck, waistline and hem, and little anchor pattern
The Red Circle Dress ($17.95) has a great print and goes with the whole vintage day dress/shirt dress look
And the Butterfly Silk Dress, which is almost a maxi dress actually, is just so cute and I'm sure would feel great on, plus I love the neckline on this one so much ($17.95)
I think all of these would work with a simple white summer wedge like the Pleated Knot Cork Wedge from GoJane (surprise, surprise) ($13.99)

These are not too high, not too fancy, but really feminine and cute.
So what do you think of these heavenly couture styles?

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Jennifer said...

My favorite - the Butterfly Silk Dress.