Friday, April 18, 2008


I figured I would update you all on how I was liking the Alba night cream and mineral face powder I bought a few weeks ago...

First, the night cream. A few weeks ago I bought Alba's Sea Plus Renewal Cream as a new night creamand I must say that so far I love it! Now I must admit that before I got this cream I was guilty of not always washing my makeup off my face at night (SHOCK!). This is bad, I know, and most nights I tried to, but sometimes when I got home late my pillow was just too enticing. Since I got this, however, I have been totally steller on the night face care routine tip, so that may have had an overall effect too. Now, back to the cream: I have NOT broken out, and it has already made my skin softer. NICE! It smells good, and is really really thick (sort of a body butter consistancy). It tingles when I put it on, which freaked me out a little bit at first, but I have had nothing but good results. I noticed yesterday in the mirror that the texture of my skin just looks nicer. YAY ALBA! It has only been a few weeks, so we shall see what sort of an end result I get with a little more time, but so far so good.

During that same CVS trip, I also purchased both Revlon and NYC mineral face powders. I am still deciding on these. The Revlon powder was the first to be tried. I have had a bit of a problem getting very much to come out when I shake it, which is annoying, but once I get it on my face, I do have to say it looks really really nice. It gives me a subtle finish ALL DAY (seriously no shine for hours) and actually provides more coverage than I had expected. I think it works best on a good skin day, since it is still more subtle than the ol' foundation/powder combo, but I really dig it for daily wear.

I have only tried the NYC powder once so far, so I still need to do a few more tests with this one. It went on easy and lasted well, but I think the color I got (which was light) might actually be a bit too dark for my face still. Not sure, only had a chance to look at it for a minute or two. But neither has made me break out, which is nice, and both really keep my face matte for many hours (hallelujah!).

Back on the Alba tip (I think I am getting obsessed with Alba products), I was so impressed with the face cream experiment that yesterday I bought their Green Tea Eye Gel

It promises the combined impact of aloe vera (with skin-building amino acid and protein compounds) and green tea (loaded with antioxidants) will soothe, smooth and protect while cucumber and kelp extracts will firm and tone my eye area. It also has chamomile and papaya extract, and Vitamin C. Sounds good to me. I have never used an eye GEL before, only creams, so using it this morning was weird. The consistancy was definitely very reminiscent on using an aloe vera gel, which felt weird. And I squirted out too much, bummer. BUT I have to say that my eye area actually feels really really hydrated and firm right now, several hours into the day. At $16.95 for 1 fl oz ( a LOT of bang for your buck for eye cream) I could get used to this.

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