Friday, May 30, 2008

My lust list for Friday May 30th

I want the following. So badly. Like, rearranging finances in my head badly. Like, who needs savings when you can have these? bad. BAD.

1.Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent, 3.4 oz.

The fragrance that worships every inch of you. A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian Gardenia Petals and Coconut, warmed with Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver. All heat. All desire. All woman.

2. Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub with Crushed Mint Leaves OR Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub with Crushed Cocoa Beans $13.95

I smelled the lemon scrub in CVS the other day but had to check if they were cruelty free or not before thinking about buying - well, they are, and it smelled SO GOOD GOOD GOOD!

3. Alloy Audrey Eyelet Dress $19.99 on, a great site I totally forgot existed! Some of their stuff is a little pricey for what it is, but they have a phenomenal sale page, as is evidenced here

4. Alloy Flyaway Dress $19.99

5. Alloy Zapper Wedge $29.50

6. Avon Anew Ultimate Contouring Eye System $30

Thursday, May 29, 2008

like sunshine in a bottle...

Although I have a very strict product regimen for my face due to obnoxious breakout issues if I vary from said regimen, I also buy facewash for my fiance to use, and thus am able to still get my testing jones out to a certain extent. My latest find is Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel from Avalon Organics (the same company that makes my beloved ALBA products)

This stuff was a good deal, $10.95 for 8.5 fl oz, and boasts that it "gently removes impurities and nourishes skin with organic Aloe. Fortified with the synergistic action of Vitamin C plus Lemon Bioflavonoids, Melatonin and organic White Tea to refresh and balance for healthy, radiant skin." It also explains that "Magnesium Ascorbal Phosphate is a form of vitamin C that is readily utilized by the skin cells to protect against damaging free radicals, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. One of the most stable forms of vitamin C, it will remain active over the shelf life of the product", which is something that I never even thought about (the stability of something like Vitamin C) but it makes sense.

Lasty, it is scented with organic sweet orange essential oil and it SMELLS FRIGGIN FANTASTIC!!! If I wasn't on a Proactiv (or possibly AcneFree) regimen I would TOTALLY use this product like a FIEND. PS - I had to use it the first day I got it because I was out of Proactiv and hadn't found AcneFree yet, and it did a super job, skin was really clean but not dry. :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am a product jumper. It's true. Even the products that I LOVE more than anything else I will eventually ignore for a while, because I like to try new stuff. The exception to this rule has been my skin SAVIOR, Procativ. I love Proactiv, and wouldn't have looked elsewhere at all if it hadn't been so obnoxious to buy a skin care system that wasn't available where I do my shopping (and I kept running out before my next shipment would get here!). Frustration, as I would be forced to use something else in the meantime, and would inevitably break out. Ugh. But then while I was in the drug store this weekend, I noticed what was unquestionably a knock off version of proactiv, called AcneFree. Although the name is not as nice, it looks to be pretty close to the real thing. Even the packaging screams "GET IT?? LIKE THE ONE YOU ORDER ONLINE!!!"

Hmmmm... I hemmed and hawed. But the cleanser was only $6!! And I was out of cleanser. So I bought it, vowing to look up this week what the price difference really was, and more importantly, if AcneFree was cruelty free like Proactiv.

Well, lovelies, a 3 piece kit consisting of cleanser, toner and repairing lotion from Proactiv is $40 plus shipping, and the same size kit from AcneFree is only $20, with NO shipping since I can just hop on over to CVS to grab it. AND... NO ANIMAL TESTING!!! Now I'll just have to see how the cleanser works in comparison. Hmmm... could be intersting, though.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey all -

So right now if you visit and use the coupon code GJ51615 you can save an additional 15% off of anything on their already super affordable sale page (it says it expires 5/23/08 so I'm not sure if this means this is only good through today or through today and tomorrow, but either way, get to the shoppin', missy!)

There is lots of stuff to look at on their sale page, I found these shirts which I thought were cute:

ABERDEEN TOP $9 (with discount $7.65)

AXLE DRESS $8 (w/d $6.80)

JATARA TOP $14 (w/d $11.90)

MALENA TOP $9 (w/d $7.65)

BUT WHAT I REALLY REALLY DIG ARE THEIR SHOES (as anyone who reads this blog on a semi-regular basis will know, I believe Go Jane to have one of the most PHENOMENAL manmade material shoe selections ANYWHERE. But I must admit that I STILL have not gotten around to ordering their shoes yet. Lame, I know. But that will have to change today seeing as how all of these awesome styles are on SUPER SALE!!)

BUYER-S MPU FLAT $9 (w/d $7.65)


EXCEL-S PU MULE $7 (w/d $5.95)

JASMINE 10 PAT WEDGE $10 (w/d $8.50)

MELANIE-02 PAT MULE $6 (w/d $5.10)

MOVIE-S PLAID MULE $11 (w/d $9.35)

MUSHY PAT FLAT $9 (w/d $7.65)

ON-S STRP MULE $5 (w/d $4.25)

OVAL-S CRKPT FLAT $9 (w/d $7.65)

PEARL-11 PAT WEDGE $10 (w/d 8.50)

PUNCH-S ZCRK FLAT $9 (w/d $7.65)

REBA6 PU FLAT $6 (w/d $5.10)

SALYA-39 STRPU FLAT $10 (w/d $8.50)

SARA-16 FLAT $11 (w/d $9.35)

SERINA-44 CAN FLAT $9 (w/d $7.65)

TORA-60 PAT FLAT $10 (w/d $8.50)

VAPOR-S GPAT HEEL $12 (w/d $10.20)

As you can probably see, I'm sort of jonesing for brightly colored summer shoes, but of course most of these (and the clothing) are offered in other color options as well (although in fairness GoJane does really like the brightly colored shoes)...

So that's it. GO! RIGHT NOW! THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!! Oh, and if you get really carried away and order more than $75 worth of stuff, enter the code "FREESHIP" and get free standard shipping too. NICE.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I know 80's is retro now apparently, but...

Really, Urban Outfitters, REALLY?

The Neon Wayfarer ($8)

It all started, I think, with my first viewing of the album cover for MGMT's album "Oracular Spectacular":

I don't know what hit me about this picture (the album, BTW, is definitely my FAV album of the year - SO FANTASTIC), perhaps it was the free and enthusiastic usage of neon, but something struck me as SO 80's about this in a way that surpassed ALL of the 80's throwback so far. Then, while I was at Coachella (the big music festival out near Palm Springs that we frequent every year), I kept seeing all these guys looking very, well, 80's. Not 80's-American Apparel-throwback-indie-trendy, but 80's. With mullets and Corey Feldman does Michael Jackson glasses. And they were totally serious. But I figured, hey, it's the desert, people are weird at Coachella (you see some STRANGE fashion choices). Then I see these neon sunglasses on Urban Outfitters' website, and that is when I KNOW - we have crossed the line from 80's as kitch throwback to rekindling a love affair with things that should have died a permanent death. What's next? Are we destined to return to a time when THIS is what people aspire to look like?

(and who the hell is that guy in the top left corner? did I just forget him? Was he the Poochie of SBTB?)


So, I've been looking through the PETA list of cruelty free companies lately. I don't agree with everyone PETA does, but if a company can make it on to that list I KNOW they are cruelty free because PETA doesn't mess around with that stuff. That is how I came across Baudelaire from my last post, and how I have come across this latest fun store, THE BUBBLE SHACK ( ), a soap company based in Hawaii. They really make their Hawaiian themed stuff IN Hawaii, what a concept, right? I know... I really want to order some stuff from them because their products look GREAT!

First off, you know I am already thinking about the COCONUT VOLCANO scent:

"Our Coconut Volcano tropical bodywash is an absolute explosion of creamy Hawaiian coconut."

Or the Grass Skirt Holiday Scent:

"With papaya nectar, pineapple, exotic tonka bean and sea grass, you”ll be dreaming of long grass skirts and beachside cocktails for a moment of pure paradise."

Or even Hawaiian Water Ocean Bliss:

"With Rice flower, green tea, sea cucumber and ocean air, youll feel like youve taken a plunge into the deep turquoise waters of the Pacific after relaxing to the glow of our Hawaiian Waters Ocean Bliss candles."

I'm not sure how you include Ocean Air in a candle, but I'm in for a test run, that's for sure.

This store offers a wide selection of unique scent combinations in all the regular stuff for bath and body (lotions, soaps, body wash), loofah soap (per the website: "Did you know that the loofah is a climbing plant and it’s distant cousin is the cucumber? It’s also the only plant known that can be raised and used as a sponge. Each Bubble Shack loofah lather contains a 100% vegetable glycerin soap and macadamia nut oil base. Sticking with our vow to use local ingredients whenever possible, our macadamia nut oil is also Made in Hawaii. A power exfoliator, each loofah soap will naturally brush away dry skin for a wonderfully polished glow"), and soy candles in several different sizes and shell holders. These candles would make AWESOME gifts if their scents are as good as I hope they are. All of their stuff is totally reasonably priced too. :-) And I just noticed they have MORE stuff too, a coming-soon doggie wash section and an "other stuff" section which has bath salts, other soaps, bath bombs, massage oil, and soap dishes. SWEET!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is it just cooler if its from abroad?

I know I shouldn't think so, but so often I do. And when I find a site like Baudelaire (, a website that carries several luxurious, cruelty free personal care lines from places like France, Switzerland and Italy, I TOTALLY envision the richest bathing experience ever. These fill me with wanting:


"These elegant products come from the village of Erlenbach, high in the Swiss Alps, where the air is crystal clear, the views are breathtaking, and wildflowers fill the fields with fragrance. It's a paradise for bees...and beekeepers. Honey gathered from these Alpine hives is the key ingredient in all Apiana soaps and body care products."

2. LAIT CLENSING BATH MILK IN FIG (16.9oz for $30)

"LAIT Bath Milks all feature innovative European plants milks, a blend of the plant's oils and extracts, that leave your skin refreshed and lightly moisturized.


The Apricot scent description reads " A delightful, sensous aroma, distilled from the flowers of the apricot tree, that captures both the citrus and sweet notes of the fruit. With 8-15% essential oils: more concentrated than cologne but less over-powering than perfume." Mmmm...

And, they carry men's products too, which I think is cool and handy with Father's Day coming up, so I thought this cologne looked excellent.


And, is it just me that thinks that an old fashioned shave set with a cup, brush and real soap (used of course with a non-electric razor) is the SEXIEST and COOLEST thing EVER? Just me? I doubt it... Well, if you ARE like me, or know someone who is, then you will appreciate why I think this shave set is too amazing...

PROVENCE SANTE MEN'S SHAVING SET ($67.50, ok a bit pricey but super cool you must admit)

The kit comes with an awesome shaving dish, brush and luxurious men's shaving soap. I love love it. So much.

This site runs the price range divide from the totally reasonable to the pretty pricey, but most of it seems pretty doable.

Just thought I would share...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi really GETS it....

So many of his dresses for this season from his Target collection are SUPREME! Classic 50's silhouette, totally vintage/timeless elegance. I've included a couple here that are over the budget I usually stick to, but they were so pretty I figured I would share in case you felt like splurging....

1. ENVELOPE BACK DRESS in Fandango Red $39.99


3. PARTY DRESS in Fandango $44.99


5. CAMELOT DRESS in Shell Pink $39.99

6. TAFFETA COUTURE DRESS in Chesterfield Navy $39.99


8. WRAP DRESS in Shell Pink $29.99

I want ALL of these! And obviously they come in several colors, but I like pink and blue :-)

ELF Makeup update

So as some of you might remember, I was very excited to order some of the $1 makeup from the Eyes Lips Face line, especially after I got a discount coupon to save even MORE. Well, I received my ELF shipment yesterday, and so far have been VERY pleased. So pleased that I ordered a few more things this morning :-)

DISCLAIMER: For some reason for the last 2 days I have not been able to successfully upload images to the blog. I have to look into this, as it has lead to various half finished blogs being abandoned out of sheer frustration. Therefore, I hope to get this fixed soon, but in the meantime, you will have to settle for the extra step of going to if you want to see pics of the mentioned products. :-( Sucks.

What I have tried so far:
The tinted moisturizer in Tone 1. It seems cool, I am TOTALLY inexperienced in the ways of tinted moisturizer though and feel that I will need to play around with this a bit to see if the coverage works for me.

The all over color stick in Pink Lemonade. This is nice. I like color sticks. This one is VERY shimmery, but I dig that at this time of year, and the pink color is suble but intense.

HIGHLIGHT #1: The nail polish in Nude. I went back and ordered another bottle today. It is a buck, has a great nude color and seems to be holding on well (believe it or not since applying it yesterday afternoon I have already put it through the ringer, I had a cook/clean-up night at the apt last night, which means I'm washing my hands or washing dishes ever few minutes it seems. This sort of night has been enough to chip lesser polishes within hours. This polish ROCKS!!!

HIGHLIGHT #2: The Super Glossy Lip shine SPF 15 in Angel and Pink Kiss. This gloss is EXCELLENT. Heavy but pretty, it won't be gone 5 minutes after you apply, it has sun protection, smells good, and looked REALLY REALLY pretty. I ordered some more of this too.

Still more to try, and I also ordered a few of their lip plumper glosses, 2 body lotions, and a pressed powder to try. SWEET!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WONDER OF WONDERS: Steve & Barry's

THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Steve & Barry's, where have you been all my life? Why has it taken this long for me to discover you/you to appear? Can I tell you HOW MUCH I CAN'T WAIT to check out your aisles of collections by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Bynes with most pieces under $10?

Ok, so since I blogged on SJP'S BITTEN collection already, I thought I would do a little internet detective work and check out Amanda Bynes' line DEAR. I happen to think that AB always looks super cute, sexy and pulled together. Seriously, the girl never misses a beat. So..... I wasn't too surprised with what I found. Young skewing, mostly casual clothing, some of which is really cute! They also have this thing called "My Closet" on the site where you can match pieces together and save them as "outfits", which I just had wayyyyy too much fun playing with (although in order to do it you have to go through a basic "registration" process - whatev - but for DOB it only went back to 1986! AAAAAHHHH! Thanks for making me, an excited potential customer, feel like an old crone). Unfortunately, I was also not able to figure out how to cut and paste or save the clothing combos I came up with to post them here, but TRUST me, they were quite slammin. That's right.

So I would venture to guess that I will be paying Steve & Barry's a visit soon, very soon. I'll keep you posted. Has anyone been to one already? Does it live up to my anticipation?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hi all,To kick off the Are You the Next Beauty Guru? contest, Smashbox is hosting an in-store event at Sephora Hollywood & Highland (in Los Angeles, CA) where entrants will get the chance to pitch their idea live and get placed in the Top 100 online entries!

Got an amazing new idea for a blockbuster beauty product?Live Auditions!
Sephora – Hollywood & Highland
Thursday, May 8th
12 – 4pm

Stop by Sephora at Hollywood & Highland to showcase your idea and superstar personality to our expert panel of judges, Smashbox cofounders, Dean and Davis Factor and celebrity makeup artist, Charlie Green, and you could get the chance to become a Top 100 finalist, have your entry videotaped and personally seen by the final judging panel!The grand prize contest winner will receive:•
The once-in-a-lifetime chance to design the official Smashbox Fashion Week Makeup Palette•
All-expenses-paid trip for 2 to LA Fashion Week for the star-studded debut of your palette•
$5,000 of Smashbox Cosmetics•
Your palette sold exclusively at Sephora nationwide

Stop in to Sephora or create a 2 minute video or blog showcasing your product idea and superstar personality and submit it online at:

Monday, May 5, 2008


Ok.... breathe..... ok. Whoa. Am I just REALLY REALLY late to the BITTEN party or what? Until this morning, I had no idea that fashionista/star extraoridinaire Sarah Jessica Parker had her own line called Bitten exclusively available at Steve & Barry's around the country. Well, you say, lots of stars have their own lines, big deal. Well, would an antire line for under $20 be a big deal!?!?!? Pretty much everything I saw on the site was $8.98. I'll say it again. EIGHT NINETY EIGHT!!!!! Wow. GO SJP. She is endlessly cool. She could EASILY have started an overpriced line and people would have bought it. You know they would have. But instead she did this. Some cute finds:






(I don't know why these turned out so small....)

But anyway, wow. The only issue would be if you didn't have a Steve & Barry's near you - but I must admit I found out there is one in Beverly Hills so I'm very selfishly happy. Go out and support this collection if you DO have one near you - show SJP how awesome you think this revolutionary step in LOW priced celeb collections is!