Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ahhhh... Kate Beckinsale, no one can deny this beauty generally looks great, whether its on the red carpet or out and about. I particularily liked this extremely simple but elegant look I saw recently

This is a really easy look to re-create for next to nothing, and without buying real leather. First I found this top from
The Weldon Top ($17.99) comes in several colors including this nice dark blue (which they call teal for some reason). This totally would capture the cut, color and drape of Kate's top.

Pair this with some straight leg dark denim, like this pair from ModaXpress (

These are called the Dark Denim Flap Pocket Junior Jeans, and list at $19.99. The leg is just straight enough to move nicely over a set of killer black sandal heels, like the ones Kate is sporting (although here I have to say I went with a slightly different style as I think hers would be a bit much for a lot of us girls just running around town). Once again GoJane delivers, with these cute heels

I thought these Woven Platform Heels captured the platform sass but were a bit more wearable, plus they are just fierce. At $22.99, they aren't too steep. (I seriously need to get some shoes from GoJane soon, their selection is amazing and SO REASONABLE!)

Lastly, the cute beige oversize tote. After a bit of looking around, I ended up on the old standy Target site, and was pleased to find this Mossimo Tote in Tan/Natural for $29.99 (made of polyurethane)

So, there you have it! An easy way to get this look for $90, including shoes and bag :-) And no leather (you know you'll never miss it!) YAY!

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