Wednesday, April 16, 2008


As the weather begins to heat up and we all start realizing that swimsuit season is almost here, it is time for a post regarding the oh-so fun and sometimes scary subject of swimwear. And I am hereby speaking out once and for all against the dreaded TANKINI. At some point, someone successfully convinced the mass population that if you were too wary of your midsection to feel comfortable in a bikini, that the answer was therefore to buy a two piece nonetheless, just one that came down further to ALMOST meet your suit bottoms. In theory, this sounds nice. HOWEVER, the way every tankini I have ever seen or tried on is designed results in the top ending right at the one spot that someone shying away from a 2 piece wouldn't want to showcase in a now highlighted strip of flesh. BAH! It makes no sense to me, so you will see NO TANKINIS in this entry. I am however frequenting the gym and NOT the vending machine this season in the hopes that a 2 piece will be in store for me when the weather heats up fully, so you will get some of my favorite bikini and one piece finds. I also must admit that although I have not tried any of the MONOKINI style suits that have popped up recently, I like their cut and think it would actually be flattering on most body types who want to try something a little more daring than a one-piece. SOOOOO - without further ado, here are some of my summer swimsuit favorites that will NOT break the bank:

Heavenly Couture aquamarine bikini and fire engine red bikini, each $17.95 (
DaisyMaze bandeau dot top and bottom $12.99 each piece (
DaisyMaze colored circle top and bottom $11.99 each piece
DaisMaze pink halter top and bottom $11.99 each piece GoJane Holbrook Monokini $29.99 ( GoJane brown Viona monokini $28.99 Target Xhilaration Stripe monokini $29.99 (
Target Merona coral 1 piece $34.99
Target Merona halter 1 piece $34.99 Target Merona dot halter 1 piece $34.99

YAY! Lots of options, says I! Just no tankinis... (I feel strongly about this)
Enjoy the sun!

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Jennifer said...

Ok, so the DaisyMaze colored circle bikini is the best. Most mod, so to speak. And not to be a hater, but the Monokinis scare the living SHIT out of me. It's just unnatural. Like the MAN-kini (Borat's bathing suit)...