Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, I've been looking through the PETA list of cruelty free companies lately. I don't agree with everyone PETA does, but if a company can make it on to that list I KNOW they are cruelty free because PETA doesn't mess around with that stuff. That is how I came across Baudelaire from my last post, and how I have come across this latest fun store, THE BUBBLE SHACK ( www.bubbleshackhawaii.com ), a soap company based in Hawaii. They really make their Hawaiian themed stuff IN Hawaii, what a concept, right? I know... I really want to order some stuff from them because their products look GREAT!

First off, you know I am already thinking about the COCONUT VOLCANO scent:

"Our Coconut Volcano tropical bodywash is an absolute explosion of creamy Hawaiian coconut."

Or the Grass Skirt Holiday Scent:

"With papaya nectar, pineapple, exotic tonka bean and sea grass, you”ll be dreaming of long grass skirts and beachside cocktails for a moment of pure paradise."

Or even Hawaiian Water Ocean Bliss:

"With Rice flower, green tea, sea cucumber and ocean air, youll feel like youve taken a plunge into the deep turquoise waters of the Pacific after relaxing to the glow of our Hawaiian Waters Ocean Bliss candles."

I'm not sure how you include Ocean Air in a candle, but I'm in for a test run, that's for sure.

This store offers a wide selection of unique scent combinations in all the regular stuff for bath and body (lotions, soaps, body wash), loofah soap (per the website: "Did you know that the loofah is a climbing plant and it’s distant cousin is the cucumber? It’s also the only plant known that can be raised and used as a sponge. Each Bubble Shack loofah lather contains a 100% vegetable glycerin soap and macadamia nut oil base. Sticking with our vow to use local ingredients whenever possible, our macadamia nut oil is also Made in Hawaii. A power exfoliator, each loofah soap will naturally brush away dry skin for a wonderfully polished glow"), and soy candles in several different sizes and shell holders. These candles would make AWESOME gifts if their scents are as good as I hope they are. All of their stuff is totally reasonably priced too. :-) And I just noticed they have MORE stuff too, a coming-soon doggie wash section and an "other stuff" section which has bath salts, other soaps, bath bombs, massage oil, and soap dishes. SWEET!!!!

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