Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I know 80's is retro now apparently, but...

Really, Urban Outfitters, REALLY?

The Neon Wayfarer ($8)

It all started, I think, with my first viewing of the album cover for MGMT's album "Oracular Spectacular":

I don't know what hit me about this picture (the album, BTW, is definitely my FAV album of the year - SO FANTASTIC), perhaps it was the free and enthusiastic usage of neon, but something struck me as SO 80's about this in a way that surpassed ALL of the 80's throwback so far. Then, while I was at Coachella (the big music festival out near Palm Springs that we frequent every year), I kept seeing all these guys looking very, well, 80's. Not 80's-American Apparel-throwback-indie-trendy, but 80's. With mullets and Corey Feldman does Michael Jackson glasses. And they were totally serious. But I figured, hey, it's the desert, people are weird at Coachella (you see some STRANGE fashion choices). Then I see these neon sunglasses on Urban Outfitters' website, and that is when I KNOW - we have crossed the line from 80's as kitch throwback to rekindling a love affair with things that should have died a permanent death. What's next? Are we destined to return to a time when THIS is what people aspire to look like?

(and who the hell is that guy in the top left corner? did I just forget him? Was he the Poochie of SBTB?)

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The Truth said...

I love the 80's! Wayfarer Sunglasses and Kelly Kapowski are what got me through high school.