Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, I have recently rediscovered, of which I am mostly a fan of their sale page. Primo sales here right now... Like these:

1. Belted Tunic was $26.50 now $9.99

2. Hooded Jumper was $29.50 now $14.99
FINALLY! A jumper that one can wear a bra with!!!

3. Madras Short was $22.50 now $14.99
for those of you hungering to become part of the madras wave that is once again overtaking us. I don't DISLIKE madras, not sure if I'm at a "love" stage yet though

4. One Shoulder Tunic was $16.50 now $7.99
one shoulder is EVERYWHERE right now folks.... love it or hate it. I think this top is CUTE.

5. Sadie Button Tee was $24.50 now $5.99
now THAT'S a friggin SALE! And I'm loving the flowy yellow going on...

6. Tyler Skye Premium Vintage Bootcut was $68.50 now $29.99
AAAUGH! I have longed for the perfect grey jeans for too long now! Soon I will actually commit and buy a pair!

Oh, and PS - did you hear??? TOPSHOP, the UK's fantastic and affordable chain, is COMING TO THE US!!!! Right now its only in NY in October, but if H&M has taught us anything, its that eventually it will make its way to the other coast... I hope its quickly....

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ankur said...

topshop is coming in NY , thats awesome . I didnt know that

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