Monday, July 14, 2008

I have NOT been kidnapped by goblins or gotten lost in a labrynth

I've just been STUPID busy with work lately. GUH. But I promise my renewed efforts to post frequently will not wain. I haven't stopped THINKING about all things beauty and such, just been a bit of a lazy girl when it comes to postings. Anyway, full steam ahead!

One company that I recently came across that I know nothing about but looks fantastic is APIVITA, a Greek skincare company. Does it make it seem a bit more exotic and enticing that it is from Greece? Yes. Am I a complete tool for thinking so? Say what you will, but I bet deep down the following products sound sooooooooooooo good to you too:

First, a multitude of face masks to choose from, each box containing 6 mask applications for roughly $6 American I believe, THAT I can do. The ones that popped out at me most were the Calming mask with Dittany of Crete, the Deep Cleansing mask with Argile (green clay), Revitilizing mask with Orange, and the Skin Food mask with Honey. I also found the Deep Face scrub with Olive captured my fancy a bit.

APIVITA's website is actually , and on it you can find any type of skin product your heart desires, some pricier than others, but all intriguing. And I'm DEFINITELY going to have to try one of those masks....

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