Friday, March 6, 2009

Revisiting an old flame

So, it was my birthday last week. And as a treat, my mom took my birthday shopping at the new shopping center called The Americana out here in LA (from the same peeps who brought us The Grove in Hollywood). First off, let me just say, I like the Grove in spite of the slightly Disney-esque feeling you get from the water show fountain/pond and the red shiny trolley tooling around. It has some good stores, some great restaurants, a movie theater, and feels safe to walk around as a woman alone even late at night. Dig. The America is kind of like The Grove's 'tween cousin. It wants to be like the grove SOMUCH but doesn't quite understand and thus misses the mark by a bit. It still has some good stores, but it is quite small and most of the stores are way too label based (read: EXPENSIVE) for me. But there is a nice big new H&M there. So we went exploring. I found some great stuff at H&M (which is always a gamble for me. Some seasons they SLAY me and I love everything. Others I can't find a single thing I would pay for). I don't know if they are still having the sale because - I'm just going to say it - H&M's website positively BLOWS, but they were having a 2 for 1 sweater sale that rocked. I got several great cardis in various colors for about $10 a pop, LOTS of selections and styles to choose from. I also got a few skirts, a tan safari jacket and a few basic shirts. It was a good trip so far.

So after we emerged from the Swedish chain's white interior, we looked about, blinking in the afternoon sun, for any other store worth our time. Checked out Barney's, and walked right back out ($250 for a tshirt?!?!? oy.) We didn't know at the time that there was a Forever 21 in the Americana, which I will have to check out at a future date (its kind of tucked off to one side), but we decided to check out Urban Outfitters and its pricier, girlier counterpart, Anthropologie.

Let me just say that I LURV Anthropologie clothing and goods. If I was a rich lady with extra coin to toss around, I would totally blow it there. So. My. Style. But this particular trip just wasn't gelling in Anthropologie much to my dismay and we walked out empty handed. :-( Then we walked into Urban Outfitters, a store which I really hadn't frequented since junior high, when it was THE place to shop when hanging out on 3rd St. Prominade in Santa Monica (I saw Christina Ricci there in seventh grade and got very excited. I was a dork).

Well, slap my behind and call me Shirley - we found a HEAP of cute stuff at UO! Granted, their prices are a little higher than I would normally pay, but hey, it was my birthday, and also they really are on par with most of the trendy fashion stores out there (including much at H&M now). What seemed to be especially strong in their store at the moment was their dress selection, which you know I am a sucker for all the way. So because UO actually has a decent website, I am able to share MOST of what I got here with you (also got 2 little tshirt cotton babydoll tunic dresses in blue hues, but can't find them on the webbie)

Here's what I got!

BDG STRIPED T SHIRT DRESS $58 (I got this in 2 colors, and LOVE THEM so much already!)

KIMCHI BLUE REDWOOD DRESS $58 (I couldn't find a great pic of this dress online, but it is really really cute in person and is just a kicky little babydoll that would be great with boots)

SILENCE & NOISE CAPTAIN DRESS $58 (SOB! I didn't actually get this dress because the only one they had left in my size had a major snag on it. I LOVED the way this dress fit and looked though. It is so Sgt. Pepper feeling! I can see it with some black sixties boots and a pageboy haircut!)

SILENCE & NOISE COLORBLOCK NAVAJO DRESS $68 (I didn't.... actually.... get this one either. Because, well, because my mom didn't love it and she was the one taking me shopping. But I absolutely think it is such a sassy, arts&crafts feeling dress. I LOVED it. You should get it instead. Then I will feel much better. Thanks)

So, this is but a small sampling of the goodies at UO right now. Seriously, whoever is buying their dress selection is ON TOP OF IT right now. Super cute stuff, and I sort of hate them a little because they had even more cute stuff on their website that they didn't have on rack in the store. So if you come accross a little cashola burning a hole in your pocket, check it.

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The dresses are different colors ad styles.

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