Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Budget Fun in These Tight Times

Hey all -

So, I know I haven't blogged about E.L.F. in a little while, but I must say I have been using their hydro tint (their tinted moisturizer)

in the lightest shade for months now, and really really love it. It is my favorite tinted moisturizer that I have found - extremely hydrating, good color and a bit of coverage, and doesn't make me break out. Plus its got SPF 15, so that is a good thing.

Today I logged onto the E.L.F. website to order some more of the stuff, and what did my eyes behold? A special wherein if you buy $20 of stuff you get a free $25 restaurant.com gift certificate and a fandango movie ticket, just for entering the coupon code DINE at checkout. How could I not take advantage of this offer? Talk about a deal! And this is on top of the fact that E.L.F. sells most of their products for $1 a pop. These are good things in these tight economic times. Take it from a girl who hasn't gotten a haircut in over 6 months.

So, I loaded up my cart with $20 worth of their goodies (which is actually harder than you would think when most things are a mere dollar). I ordered several more hydro tints, plus a few lip glosses (their super glossy lip shine spf 15 is a real deal lip gloss that comes in a handful of great shades), and I'm also going to try their all over cover stick and their shimmering facial whip

in Persimmon. I've been really big into the tinted moisturizer and blush combo for daily work primping, sometimes I don't even do eyes. I just feel like it gives me a naturally pretty glow. So this will be my latest blush addition if I like it. I rounded out my cart with a few body lotions (I already have and love their Pineapple Mango and Vanilla Coconut, so I tried their Peony and Lavendar scents this time, and at $4 a pop you can't beat it).

A word to the wise about E.L.F. When you first get your face products, they seem small, but a little goes a long way. I haven't run out of anything yet and I've been using my last shipment's stuff for months and months. Just FYI. Oh, and they also have a KILLER nail polish selection. I'm just sayin'.

So order away, get some great beauty products (the only things I haven't loved so far are the pressed powder - even their lightest shade is too dark on me - and their mineral foundation powder - not because of the product, but because it is really difficult to get enough powder out of the container), and then treat yourself to dinner and a movie on E.L.F. How's that for a chic and cheap night out?

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