Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello lovely people! As I sit here on a surprisingly uncharacteristic but welcome cloudly September day, I could not be more excited about the coming fall weather and the corresponding fall fashion. After all my endless talk of being impatient for summer so I could flounce in wafting and full skirted dresses, one would think I am a bit fickle. Well, to you I say, the best thing about the seasons is that they change. I tire of them quickly. I suppose I am quite fickle. But I'm ok with that :-)

Therefore, read on to find some of my favorite fall fashion picks this week. Imagine the crisp air, the smell of apple cider, the foliage people! The foliage! But what do I know about foliage, I live in LA...

Boatneck Dress $39.50 from Alloy
This dress is mighty nice. It feels like you could rock it in transitional weather then break it out again for winter holiday parties.

Cable Knit Tunic $34.50 from Alloy
I am a sucker for white sweaters. I don't know why. The simplicity of white just works for me with a big chunky knit. This one is a bit boho and I love it.

Shawl Cardigan $29.50 from Alloy
Love the bright blue. Love the snug fit. Love the double breasted button front. Yes, that will do nicely.

Melissa Oxford $34.50 from Alloy
This is one fall footwear trend I am hopping right on. The high heeled oxford. Its totally chic and interesting, and wont just jet out of style in about two seconds.

Ludlow Boot $39.50 from Alloy
These boots + bright leggings + anything on top = fall happy fun time

Cindy Crochet Tunic $34.50 from Delia's
This is perfect to throw on over jeans then grab a chunky sweater for later. Good transitional weather top

Printed Satin Dress $34.50 from Old Navy
I love this dress so much. So easy and forgiving, but totally put together. Plus the color combo is really sending me today.

So...... basically what I think I'm saying is, bring it on, Fall. Bring it on.


Cindy said...

I'm DYING for that white cable knit tunic!!!

April said...

I love the styles...the white cardigan looks so cool and wearable...thanks for sharing so much.

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Haylla said...

Como eu compro essa melissa?