Friday, March 28, 2008

I love NYC

Although I do enjoy the city, I'm actually referring to the cosmetics line. They are upfront about their products being cruelty free, both on the packaging and on their website :-) , they are SUPER affordable (like wet n wild affordable) and their products work much better than those in a similar price range. I love their translucent face pressed powder (the puff sucks, but they always do), I just bought another one the other day and it is exactly what translucent powder should be, for such a great price - ready? - $1.99!! Yup.

And now I see that they have something I have been wanting to try for a while now: Mineral makeup. Mineral foundation/powders for the face are supposedly the be all end all for an easy, natural, flawless finish, not to mention that many purport the actual skin benefits of using this type of makeup. So, I have been curious, but lots of these products are in the $20-50 range, wich is too much for this girl. But I have ignored the talk about mineral makeup for long enough. I have seen this, and am out of excuses

And the cost? $6.99... sigh... could I possibly be in love with a makeup company? I think maybe.

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