Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holidays = parties + food + cute fashion + presents = need for cute low priced party outfits

It's true. The holidays are officially around the cor... no wait! They've already rounded the corner and are now in a head on sprint toward my wallet and my waistband! Oh no! Well, I can't do much for you in terms of fending off the holiday food bonanza (you are on your own. I am powerless against all things pumpkin or peppermint. Damn them all. And the soy nog! The soy nog!!) but let's see what we can do about some party pretties that won't break the bank. Okey dokey?

Oh, and I know I am biased toward a love for dresses, sometimes to the point of ignoring the wonderful world of trousers, but if EVER there was a time for a cute dress or two, its the holiday season. Easy, inexpensive, fun and flirty. Perfect, no?

From the mainstay that is Forever 21:

Extend Pleat Dress $24.80

Embroidered Satin Dress $27.80

Peacock Maxi Halter Dress $32.80

Pleated Satin Tube Dress $24.80

Queen Fringed Satin Dress $22.80

Sequin Sash One Shoulder Top $19.80

AND NOW A FEW OFFERINGS FROM HEAVENLY COUTURE (they are truly the masters of the extra long descriptive title)

Black and Ivory Floral and Circles Sheer Dress $17.95

Bursts of Color Racer Back Dress $17.95

Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Brown Sweater Neck with Silver Sparkle $17.95

Loopy Placket Silver Dress $17.95

Now go grab some satin or sequins or taffeta and paint the town red!

Coming soon, cruelty free and awesome gifts for the holidays!

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