Thursday, March 12, 2009


...Spring fever, that is. I fully and totally admit that having grown up in Southern California has made me into a TOTAL weather wimp. We've had so many days in the low 60's out here lately (and nights in the 40's, gasp!) that it has had the effect of increasing my need for warmer spring weather to freakish amounts. I know, it's pathetic. The good news is my 80 degree weather salvation is ALMOST here. Thankfully.

So in an uncharacteristic move for me, I'm keeping today's fashions very casual. In the recesses of my brain right now its all about easy care cotton tops, bright colors, jeans and shorts. Yes. (By the way, all clothing in this post is available from Forever 21 and shoes from Payless)

Either the Checkered Woven Shirt $17.80
or the Crinkled Layered Tunic $19.80
would look great with the Fab Ankle Skinny Jean $12.50
and the Fiona Ballet Flat $14.99
The Daisies Draped Tunic $19.80
I would pair with the Fab Find Leggings in Blue $4.50
and the Vallin Sandal $22.99 for a colorful and easy outfit
Next I would get into the 90's throwback spirit with the Ginger Woven Tunic $22.80
and the Krissa Frayed Flair Jean $29.80
with the Airwalk Abby Clogs $24.99
rounding out the nostalgia
For those really sunny days I would grab the Neon Trim Knit Top $10.90
and the color Frayed Denim Short in White $15.80
throw on some white thongs like these I Love Shoes Sandals $7.99 (yes yes I know, flip flops will be the death of us all)
grab some serious sunblock and bask in the sunshine

I also really like this Perforated Leaf Tunic $22.80
paired with the Chelsea Frayed Straight Jean in grey $22.80
and the Shout Sandal $16.99

So those are my pairings for today. Maybe soon it will be warm enough to turn them from a dream into a reality :-)
PS - if you can't tell, I don't think we've seen the last of the silver and gold shoe trend yet. And this makes me happy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Budget Fun in These Tight Times

Hey all -

So, I know I haven't blogged about E.L.F. in a little while, but I must say I have been using their hydro tint (their tinted moisturizer)

in the lightest shade for months now, and really really love it. It is my favorite tinted moisturizer that I have found - extremely hydrating, good color and a bit of coverage, and doesn't make me break out. Plus its got SPF 15, so that is a good thing.

Today I logged onto the E.L.F. website to order some more of the stuff, and what did my eyes behold? A special wherein if you buy $20 of stuff you get a free $25 gift certificate and a fandango movie ticket, just for entering the coupon code DINE at checkout. How could I not take advantage of this offer? Talk about a deal! And this is on top of the fact that E.L.F. sells most of their products for $1 a pop. These are good things in these tight economic times. Take it from a girl who hasn't gotten a haircut in over 6 months.

So, I loaded up my cart with $20 worth of their goodies (which is actually harder than you would think when most things are a mere dollar). I ordered several more hydro tints, plus a few lip glosses (their super glossy lip shine spf 15 is a real deal lip gloss that comes in a handful of great shades), and I'm also going to try their all over cover stick and their shimmering facial whip

in Persimmon. I've been really big into the tinted moisturizer and blush combo for daily work primping, sometimes I don't even do eyes. I just feel like it gives me a naturally pretty glow. So this will be my latest blush addition if I like it. I rounded out my cart with a few body lotions (I already have and love their Pineapple Mango and Vanilla Coconut, so I tried their Peony and Lavendar scents this time, and at $4 a pop you can't beat it).

A word to the wise about E.L.F. When you first get your face products, they seem small, but a little goes a long way. I haven't run out of anything yet and I've been using my last shipment's stuff for months and months. Just FYI. Oh, and they also have a KILLER nail polish selection. I'm just sayin'.

So order away, get some great beauty products (the only things I haven't loved so far are the pressed powder - even their lightest shade is too dark on me - and their mineral foundation powder - not because of the product, but because it is really difficult to get enough powder out of the container), and then treat yourself to dinner and a movie on E.L.F. How's that for a chic and cheap night out?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Revisiting an old flame

So, it was my birthday last week. And as a treat, my mom took my birthday shopping at the new shopping center called The Americana out here in LA (from the same peeps who brought us The Grove in Hollywood). First off, let me just say, I like the Grove in spite of the slightly Disney-esque feeling you get from the water show fountain/pond and the red shiny trolley tooling around. It has some good stores, some great restaurants, a movie theater, and feels safe to walk around as a woman alone even late at night. Dig. The America is kind of like The Grove's 'tween cousin. It wants to be like the grove SOMUCH but doesn't quite understand and thus misses the mark by a bit. It still has some good stores, but it is quite small and most of the stores are way too label based (read: EXPENSIVE) for me. But there is a nice big new H&M there. So we went exploring. I found some great stuff at H&M (which is always a gamble for me. Some seasons they SLAY me and I love everything. Others I can't find a single thing I would pay for). I don't know if they are still having the sale because - I'm just going to say it - H&M's website positively BLOWS, but they were having a 2 for 1 sweater sale that rocked. I got several great cardis in various colors for about $10 a pop, LOTS of selections and styles to choose from. I also got a few skirts, a tan safari jacket and a few basic shirts. It was a good trip so far.

So after we emerged from the Swedish chain's white interior, we looked about, blinking in the afternoon sun, for any other store worth our time. Checked out Barney's, and walked right back out ($250 for a tshirt?!?!? oy.) We didn't know at the time that there was a Forever 21 in the Americana, which I will have to check out at a future date (its kind of tucked off to one side), but we decided to check out Urban Outfitters and its pricier, girlier counterpart, Anthropologie.

Let me just say that I LURV Anthropologie clothing and goods. If I was a rich lady with extra coin to toss around, I would totally blow it there. So. My. Style. But this particular trip just wasn't gelling in Anthropologie much to my dismay and we walked out empty handed. :-( Then we walked into Urban Outfitters, a store which I really hadn't frequented since junior high, when it was THE place to shop when hanging out on 3rd St. Prominade in Santa Monica (I saw Christina Ricci there in seventh grade and got very excited. I was a dork).

Well, slap my behind and call me Shirley - we found a HEAP of cute stuff at UO! Granted, their prices are a little higher than I would normally pay, but hey, it was my birthday, and also they really are on par with most of the trendy fashion stores out there (including much at H&M now). What seemed to be especially strong in their store at the moment was their dress selection, which you know I am a sucker for all the way. So because UO actually has a decent website, I am able to share MOST of what I got here with you (also got 2 little tshirt cotton babydoll tunic dresses in blue hues, but can't find them on the webbie)

Here's what I got!

BDG STRIPED T SHIRT DRESS $58 (I got this in 2 colors, and LOVE THEM so much already!)

KIMCHI BLUE REDWOOD DRESS $58 (I couldn't find a great pic of this dress online, but it is really really cute in person and is just a kicky little babydoll that would be great with boots)

SILENCE & NOISE CAPTAIN DRESS $58 (SOB! I didn't actually get this dress because the only one they had left in my size had a major snag on it. I LOVED the way this dress fit and looked though. It is so Sgt. Pepper feeling! I can see it with some black sixties boots and a pageboy haircut!)

SILENCE & NOISE COLORBLOCK NAVAJO DRESS $68 (I didn't.... actually.... get this one either. Because, well, because my mom didn't love it and she was the one taking me shopping. But I absolutely think it is such a sassy, arts&crafts feeling dress. I LOVED it. You should get it instead. Then I will feel much better. Thanks)

So, this is but a small sampling of the goodies at UO right now. Seriously, whoever is buying their dress selection is ON TOP OF IT right now. Super cute stuff, and I sort of hate them a little because they had even more cute stuff on their website that they didn't have on rack in the store. So if you come accross a little cashola burning a hole in your pocket, check it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

OY! It's '09! I hear you!

Ok ok.... it has been a RIDICULOUSLY loooooong time since I have posted. Like 2 months ridiculous. Jeesh. BUT it has taken me this long to get through the last of the holiday catch up game at work and the "I don't care what I wear because I can only fit into elastic pants" post-holiday fashion blahs. But now, as things return to normal, my shopaholic ways once again return with gusto. Aren't you glad some things NEVER change? I know I am...

Now, on to the topic at hand - what fashions are ruling my brain for (almost) spring?
I think that for today at least, I will allow a monochromatic answer to this, if only because there is SO MUCH stuff to catch up on right now that perhaps if I break it into sub-categories, it will be easier. Today's category is a color that has taken hold of my heart and mind as of late: BLUE. In all hues and subtleties. I. Am. Loving. Blue. Especially peacock blue, AUGH! I can't get enough! I just bought a peacock blue handbag and I am obsessed with it.... drool...











Don't these blues just make you feel HAPPY? They definitely do for me... Throw on a shade of blue this week and infuse your day with brilliance and fun... or something like that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holidays = parties + food + cute fashion + presents = need for cute low priced party outfits

It's true. The holidays are officially around the cor... no wait! They've already rounded the corner and are now in a head on sprint toward my wallet and my waistband! Oh no! Well, I can't do much for you in terms of fending off the holiday food bonanza (you are on your own. I am powerless against all things pumpkin or peppermint. Damn them all. And the soy nog! The soy nog!!) but let's see what we can do about some party pretties that won't break the bank. Okey dokey?

Oh, and I know I am biased toward a love for dresses, sometimes to the point of ignoring the wonderful world of trousers, but if EVER there was a time for a cute dress or two, its the holiday season. Easy, inexpensive, fun and flirty. Perfect, no?

From the mainstay that is Forever 21:

Extend Pleat Dress $24.80

Embroidered Satin Dress $27.80

Peacock Maxi Halter Dress $32.80

Pleated Satin Tube Dress $24.80

Queen Fringed Satin Dress $22.80

Sequin Sash One Shoulder Top $19.80

AND NOW A FEW OFFERINGS FROM HEAVENLY COUTURE (they are truly the masters of the extra long descriptive title)

Black and Ivory Floral and Circles Sheer Dress $17.95

Bursts of Color Racer Back Dress $17.95

Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Brown Sweater Neck with Silver Sparkle $17.95

Loopy Placket Silver Dress $17.95

Now go grab some satin or sequins or taffeta and paint the town red!

Coming soon, cruelty free and awesome gifts for the holidays!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello my lovelies! I have been a bad bad bad non-poster, I know. :-( What can I say? I'm sorry. But I know actions speak louder than words, so I figured a good long fashion post would tell you all how much I love you more than words ever could. Shall we get started?

Now, whenever I have been particularily lazy about fashion stuff for a while, one of the first places I always check is the Forever 21 site. It's huge, they have cute stuff, it is a good representation of the current trends in most stores, etc. I've never felt the slightest bit bad about shopping at Forever 21. Heck, I'm still a (relatively) young woman, not a teenager, no, but it's cool. I have issues, don't we all? I was ok with my F21 love.

Until I started thinking about the new Forever 21 sister store that opened up at the Beverly Center here in LA this month - Heritage 1981. This was supposed to skew more toward my age demographic, a little older, a little more professional I guess? I hadn't had a chance to get to the store, but I figured I would check out some offerings online. Hmmm...I thought. There is some cute stuff here, some nice sweaters and tops. What I really liked on the site was the vast array of cute sweater vests:

All of these are cute, reasonably priced (between 20-25 bucks) and perfect for winter. Cool. But was I captivated? Was I plotting my trip immediately, and imagining all the wonderful places I could wear these? Not really... they WERE nice sweater vests, but is this what age appropriate means? No more fashion passion? Sensible sweater vests? I began to feel a bit uneasy...

Next, I thought I would check out Forever 21's other sister store, Twelve by Twelve, which also has a store in LA that I haven't been to yet (although, unlike Heritage 1981, I'm not sure exactly what Twelve by Twelve's "niche market" is supposed to be, besides female). So I went over to their website, and... it was weird. Some of the stuff was ok, but (like Heritage) the selection was MUCH smaller than F21, and the weirdest thing was, the clothing looked cheap. I think it might just be that their photo stylist or whatever wasn't doing a very good job, but the clothes just seemed to be hanging off this white mannequin, alone, sad and uninteresting. I thought these pieces were ok:

Cute enough, right? But these were, imo, the best offerings on the whole site, and I wasn't in love with any of them either (that jacket is pretty close to awesome, though). AND these were pricier than F21's similar items ($35-55, approx). What is going on, I thought? Have I lost my taste for fashion? Is this what is supposed to excite me? I only had one option - I would now go to Forever 21's website and see what this forbidden teenage fashion was that was previously so superior and age appropriate in my mind. So I did.

And you know what? I found TONS of cute stuff. For the late 20's gal, like me. I didn't have to search too hard, in fact, I had to weed out my list a bit. Look at all this stuff:

SO MUCH CUTER, and most of it would be great at the office, while the two short, swingy dresses would be totally great at a holiday party! All reasonably priced, and FINALLY my heart went pitter pat in the excited way that I remember! I was scheming as to how many of these wonderful pieces I could actually afford this month! I was imagining myself in them in various places, laughing or reading or some such activity and looking so chic. Ahhhh..... that is what I'm talking about people!

Oh, and I saw this:

THE CUTEST winter vest I've ever seen, and something I would most likely accost a group of blind, mute, orphans for. Ok, maybe not, but I REALLY love this vest! And $33? YES!!!!!

So, in conclusion, I say this to you. I shop at Forever 21. I will continue to shop at Forever 21. Perhaps I am delusional, but I don't feel the least bit inappropriate about it. So there. HA! I will go shop and be victorious in gorgeous new duds.